• "Custom Icons!"

    Load any icon you wish by following the tutorial below.

    Also works for other Chrome Web Apps as well!.


When using several Frameless Apps, your taskbar can be overwhelmed with the same icon.

  • Icon artwork for each Frameless App is saved in a very specific folder, depending on your operating system environment.

      Windows: C:\Users\"USERNAME"\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\"APPID"\"APPVS#"\assets\
      Linux: /home/"USERNAME"/.config/google-chrome/Default/Extensions/"APPID"/"APPVS#"/assets/

    In the above examples:

      "USERNAME" represents your OS user.
      "APPID" represents the App's Chrome Web Store ID.
      "APPVS#" represents the currently installed version of the app.

    Here are the APPID's

      AMAZON - noakmfkopikiapeppdikdkicakgcemhc
      AMAZON PRIME MUSIC - dkndfddbcndaaegembdndkocefaemnng
      CRACKLE - pfhgfgckkjkjlckphaghieiebhjmepgo
      DISNEY+ - hekpfdhghojafhdkllifpehdamfgphha
      ESPN - pjfhgljimhaajcnocnnnddcdfomhmnlj
      FACEBOOK - pfpbakepfkpbiebdanonegiginkmdpcf
      GMAIL - nnenjlhgmgcfnaophiibbnpaokmipmgm
      GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC - dpgibelonhhoilijbmbhkjcneihnlcml
      HULU - jhhgjnmggkmleheaeaomhdikmaegmgfa
      iHeartRADIO - nhadnjlponmgocplafibjcfpedbpiboo
      INSTAGRAM - cdfbiogeodmlhbdbonimjojagiodddej
      NETFLIX - djkbcbljoippiechcnmbeohnijifgdfk
      PANDORA - fkmaghblbebdjdijddbnegchellgjhpl
      PINTREST - docjociepnnhgemjmgbfemkfnkkminml
      SLACK - mhojggogmbbnolopodpcklldhkdoofcc
      SPOTIFY - ofpahkcachiojladalhebfmkkdnggfhn
      TUMBLR - lilpdpdgnjdofkmcopphbkelccdbagbc
      TWITTER - afngjckbgdcojcelcjiihobjlkodfllk
      YOUTUBE - lmfbdeoocfdmiifgojjmbbpkmdjbimpf
      *** For non-FramelessApps, you can find the APPID by accessing the Chrome Web Store page for the app. The last section of the URL is the APPID.

    The APPVS# will vary depending on which version you have installed.

    Using Pandora as an example on a Windows machine, the directory could be:

    C:\Users\user123\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\fkmaghblbebdjdijddbnegchellgjhpl\0.1.1_0\assets\

    In this directory you will find 3 files:


      *** For non-FramelessApps, you will have to search through the APPVS folder to find the png files used for icons

    You can use your favorite image editor to create custom icons with the following stipulation. The image resolution must remain the same for each file.

      fl-icon-128.png must be exactly 128x128 pixels.
      fl-icon-32.png must be exactly 32x32 pixels.
      fl-icon-32.png must be exactly 16x16 pixels.

    Once you have saved your custom icons into the proper folder, you can close and re-open the frameless app.

    I cannot include icon artwork that I do not own in the app's installation, but you are free to modify with any icon you choose, as long as it is properly formatted. Unfortunately, the icons will get overwritten if the apps update. With this in mind, I will do my best to keep the updates to a minimum.